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Dishes made with so much love you can taste it!

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How many servers would I need for my event?
For the fastest, most efficient service, the guest to server ratio should be no more than 10:1 for regular plated service, and 3:1 for silver service. Buffet service is normally 1 per dish, or 25:1 ratio depending on the food, and other circumstances.

What else do you offer?
There are no limits on what we can provide. Chefs, Bartenders, Barristers, Sous Chefs, Dishwashers, Banquet Captains, Valet, Security, DJ's, Live Performers.

Are you insured?
Of course! We carry a general liability with $4,000,000.00 aggregate coverage, and $2,000,000.00 per incident. We also have blanket coverage which means that any contract we go into, all of our staff are covered while working at the venue.

What kind of food do your Chefs specialize in?
Popular foods. You know...the dishes that we all know and love; Bar B Q, surf and turf, soul food, Frnch, Creole, and other ethnic foods. The difference is that we like to give it an upscale twist.

What makes you different?
That intimate touch that we put into every dish. It's been said that you can literally taste the love in each bite. Also, the integrity that we use in our business practices from making sure the client gets the best value for their money, to making sure the food is handled in a safe and sanitary manner. Finally, the way we create food; experimenting with different flavors from all over the world, and fusing them with a traditional dish that deliver a delicious satisfying experience.

Do you, Nate, do all the cooking?
I used to, and I still do when I can. However, I have a team of Chefs that are highly qualified and can carry out my recipes and even add their own flair to the menu.

Where is the food cooked?
At a certified commercial kitchen. Other times, the food is prepared at the venue.

How long in operation?
We catered our first event on May 1, 1992. We started as a food only catering service. In 2011, we opened a new branch of the business that focused on staffing.