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Dishes made with so much love you can taste it!

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Bellpeppers Stuffed With Black Eyed Peas 'N Herbs

Soy Chicken Fillets Smothered In Fresh Mushroom Gravy Over Dirty Rice With Coriander 

 *Many dishes on the other menus can also be made as vegetarian or vegan. 


You've cut out meat.  Don't cut out your excitement for life!  With a wide variety of alternatives such as soy, tofu, tempeh, seitan, gluten free pasta, and of course vegetables and legumes, serve a spread that will amaze your guests.    S ince 1992, we have been pioneers at vegan innovation. T he flavor is undeniable. T hrow a vegetarian party, but be sure to invite a few "meeting eating" friends.  S how them all that you still have soul!        

Our Favorite Vegan Specialties

Bar-b- q tofu fillets

Bell peppers stuffed with black eyed peas 'n herbs

Chickless patties smothered in mushroom gravy

Louisiana fried tofu fillets

Peppered soy steaks with gravy