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Dishes made with so much love you can taste it!

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Hors d' oeuvres (more options available)
Popular Finger Foods and Appetizers


           Raw fruits and vegetables with original recipe dips


Bar - b - q

         Chicken wings



Caviar Cheesecake


Cheese and cracker platter

            An assortment of cheeses and crackers


Curried meatballs of ground lamb


Deluxe Nacho Salad


            Shredded chicken

            Ground turkey


            Mixed seafood



Finger Sandwiches

             All varieties of meats, cheeses, and breads


Mini cheeseburgers

             Ground sirloin

             Ground turkey


Mini Sloppy Joes (made with our own spicy tomato sauce)

             Ground sirloin


             Ground turkey

Canap├ęs (on crackers, mini toast, or phyllo shells)

Almond butter, sliced poultry, and watercress on crackers


Ahi tuna tartar


Avocado butter (fresh when in season), flaked crab and lemon zest on crackers


Brochette with spinach, tomato, and mozzarella


Crab butter, border of piped shrimp, caper, and parsley



Cucumber caviar brochette


Eggplant tomato spread




Mini quiches

            Three cheese

            Spinach and cheese

            Spicy salmon and broccoli


Red Caviar Mousse


Sandwich wraps

(served in slices)

            Sliced Ham    

            Roast beef

Smoked salmon



Seafood Croquettes


Shish kabobs

All served with olive, cheese, pearl onion, cooked carrot, and select meats

Cooked ham

Grilled shrimp

Roast beef

Smoked turkey














Gorgonzola cheese spread, topped with crushed pineapple, and grape half


Shrimp on pita chips with watercress 


Smoked salmon butter, asparagus tip, pimento and roasted pepper strip


Spicy tuna salad


Warm olive and almond relish



Zucchini cream cheese dip


We can create an original canape for you, just tell us your favorite food combinations